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Every Child is an Artist

“Every child is an artist. The problem to remain an artist after he grows up”

Pablo Picasso

Do you believe that ? I do. I have rediscovered my natural ability to create art. I have designed a course to take you on your rediscovery adventure.

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“Artful Living: Rediscover Your Natural Ability to Create Art. “

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What I Love About ART


I love that when you look at this image or any other-

It is what you see it is.

It is what I see it is.

Sometimes I begin to draw and/or paint and in my mind I don’t see what it is yet. As I begin to draw  or make a mark or a splash of paint then I start to see what it could be.

The creative process is amazing! I’m thrilled to have freed my inner artist.

I love ❤ making art and beautiful things that move me and those who are looking on.

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