Happy Father’s Day 2018

Have some waffles!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!

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Father’s Day Gift


USB charging a new way

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My Vertigo

Tuesday morning I woke feeling like I was floating in the middle of a cyclone. It’s hard to describe but I think this image depicts partially how I was feeling. I ended in an ambulance and in the hospital for extensive neurological tests. The results were negative. But I’m still having intermittent dizzy spells.

I now need to see an ear nose and throat specialist. What a terror !!!

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Some lines on paper made people cry.

If I were to break down this image to its simplest components, it’s Simply lines on paper. If I were to describe its impact it would be worldwide impact. When the artist got the vision for this piece she had no idea so many people would be emotionally impacted.

To read the full story.

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Remember-what you do matters. No matter how simple it may impact others.

Live artfully!

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