My Zentangle (r) Image 

This is an image I posted August 2015. 

Zentangle was created by 

Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. 

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After my brain aneurysm surgery I created a recuperation plan. That plan included Zentangle. I created many images. Eventually I created a gratitude Journal with several of the Zentangle images I made in it. These images are coloring pages. 

Gratitude Journal 📓 


Video – Drawing Randomly 

Watch HERE
Drawing randomly 

Why draw randomly? 

1) Freedom – Give yourself the freedom to relax and be freedom to randomly draw or paint. I’m using simple and affordable  objects. Q tips and paint from the dollar store. I’m painting on a board from the dollar sore. Just put it out there. Free yourself 
2) Non-judgment zone – Allow yourself to see your results without judging. No labels like , bad ugly. Just enjoy letting it be.  
What are the benefits of random drawing?

1. The longer you practice freedom moments, the more Free you can be in your life and with the people in your life. 

2. Lessens stress. Being free and accepting others releives stress of trying to manage everything and everybody. 

3. Self confidence and self-acceptance increases because you learn to accept yourself as you are. You internalize the truth “You are enough.”

4. As you accept yourself it will be easier to accept others. You will learn to accept other people in your life. You will have more fulfilling relationships. 

Spoiler Alert 🚨 

I am Participating in  #inktober on Instagram. There are several artists who are drawing in ink and sharing their drawings during the month of October. 

This post shows my picture for tomorrow which is actually day 4. I already posted a drawing for today but this is a sneak peek at what I will post on Instagram tomorrow. 

From inside the cave Collection 

Recently I was inspired to draw caves. One day I was inspired to view the world from inside the cave. My message is to the one inside the cave. They are being invited to come outside. It’s ok to be in a cave for awhile, but don’t live there and become a hermit. 

Are you in cave emotionally? Are you in a cave in any way? 

I invite to use drawing to come out of the cave. I. am offering a FREE 15 minute consultation to see how I can help you begin that journey. 

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