My Butterfly Story

​​The Butterfly Story


This video was created somewhere near my 4 or 5th month of recuperation from Brain Aneurysm Surgery.
I drew the outline of this butterfly 🦋 probably sometime in 2014. I sent the 81/2 x 11 page to the printer to be blown up. When I received the 36×36″ image, I felt disappointed. There were blotches that I thought of as ugly. I didn’t want to throw it away so I rolled it up and put it in a corner.
May 6, 2015 I underwent brain surgery. When I came home 🏡 I had help to complete the physical tasks I needed done, I had not been given a care team from the hospital to design a plan for me. We had inquired several times but received no answers. I decided to create a plan for myself / my brain. One of the components I used was coloring and creating Zentangle images.

The foundation mantra of this practice is : “There are no mistakes.” If you make an unintended mark on your paper, just create something else from that mark.
After awhile I wanted to move passed the 8-1/2 x 11″ sheets of paper I’d been drawing on.  I wanted a bigger challenge. My brain was hungry!

I looked over in the corner and spied the unpainted butterfly rolled up and sitting in the corner. I said to myself,  ” You might as well start with this butterfly instead of trying to create a new one. “.  I rolled it out. I Rubbed my hands across the surface of the paper to reacquaint myself with this old friend. I was willing to look at it with a new perspective-

There are no mistakes. 

It took maybe 2 weeks for me to complete coloring it. I layered colors and blended. I was falling in love with this butterfly. It was beautiful!

Why am I telling you this story?

I’m sharing this story because there are many people who look at themselves in such a way that it limits the distance they could go, it dulls the brilliance within, and it keeps them hiding the beauty that they were meant to bring into the world. Are you one of these people?

I believed for a long time that “I couldn’t make anything beautiful “.  I viewed my attempts at drawing with disgust. I doodled for years in books, notebooks and even in my Bible, where no one could see them. After my brain surgery I re-discovered my love for my own handy work. As a child I loved what I drew or colored. Somehow, as I grew older my attitude changed for the worse.

I’m back!

I allow what I feel to come out. I don’t usually know what my image will be. I let it flow. I’m not deeply in love with every mark I make, but allowing is what I needed to do. Allowing myself to be me in any moment feels so good.

I’m an ARTIST.
I would love to help you re-discover your      child-like joy and your creativity.

I am hosting a workshop experience called:

“ART for Personal Empowerment “

For more details please connect with me. @GlendaTArtist Twitter


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