Burning Leaves

Can’t you smell the burning leaves 🍁?

I remember a time before city regulations barred the burning of leaves. That annual familiar time when leaves were burned everywhere.  

There are no words for that particular aroma. You had to be there. 

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The Creativity of LaShance (my daughter)

Watch video here

Marie La Shance is my youngest daughter. She has a CD coming out November this year. 

The artistry and creativity in her video is beautiful and worthy to stop 🛑 and stare at. 

The color coordinator of her outfit and the background. The kimono. The white scene.  Watch for the part when she sings “darkest place” she will be in a shadow.  

Watch the. Video. What beauty and creativity do you see? 

Telling her sort through writing this song touches my every time. I too lived tell my story. I can relate to her song. 
Enjoy and be lifted up!!
I love you 😘💕 

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