Remembering Madea

Mother’s Day 2017

My mother, Fannie Mae Fleming has been passed on from this earth for quite some time now. But she still influences me today. My love of nature comes because she used to take us to the beach in San Francisco and to the flower gardens in Goldengate Park. She loved to 🐟 fish and she was good at it. The most important influence she has on me is my relationship with God and the love for his word. She had a thirst for spiritual enlightenment. She pursued preachers to find answers and to discuss questions and insights.
What I miss most about Medea is her welcome open arms anytime we needed to come to the house with it was just a visit or to stay in between ministry works.

I loved her sincere desire to help people. She was confidential about what she was doing.

I did not know what she was doing exactly until I was an adult and found myself doing the same thing. And that is helping Married couples.

My mother had a heart for the poor especially the children. She took and so many children I cannot even count. She love to cook and I was her greatest fan. I was the first one to the table and the last one away. Her cooking is what has made me Glenda the Good Foodie.
She brought up us up on natural ways of healing. That is also influence my life.
Her number one attribute was love. Rest in peace happy Mother’s Day in heaven.

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