My Brain Aneurysm Surgery Anniversary 2 year Celebration

This is the second image I drew. As I began to draw I didn’t know it would be, but it turned out to be the part of the process I never saw.  Me in the operating room. 

I have never felt more vulnerable- but I was not afraid. 
The meaning of the Symbols in my artwork 

The grey vs the yellow – I didn’t know whether I would go into death or return to life. 

? – I did not know

Pink hearts: the largest = my husband J C Thomas Jr M. S. W.  The other 4 are my angels surrounding me with love Marie (my daughter), Linnita (my daughter), Pam Powers (friend with me in the pre-op room), Floyda Walker (friend with me in pre-op room). 

May 6, 2015 

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