A new Opportunity for my art

“Twixt and Between”  Glenda’s Brain Aneurysm Journey

I have a mentor who has been inspired by my art.  My mentor is Arthur “Art” Jones of Follow him He told me about a movement called #epatient. (Engaged Patient). In this movement is a woman Regina whose husband died unnecessarily. It was a lack of care in time.  As a result of her experience she said, ” I met my husband doing art so I will continue doing art!” She painted their story on a jacket-thus began the  movement WALKING GALLERY. She receives a letter (and a jacket )of a patient’s story . She then creates an image on the back of their jacket that tells their story. The jacket is shipped back.

I got in touch with Regina Holliday and I told her I was interested in joining as an artist, but I need to paint my story first.

The point is for patients or family left behind to walk around and share their stories.  This experience can start the conversation about how patients need better care and to be engaged in their own health care.


I am am a recovering brain aneurysm surgery survivor. I want to be a part of this great movement!  So I will begin by painting my story. I drew a digital image to get me started. So I have been welcomed to join 46 other artists to tells patients’ stories.

Here is my first vision of my story. I actually felt emotional as I began to draw. 

I didn’t know which way I would go.

 I was lying there more vulnerable than I had ever been in my life. 

The Lord brought me through. I still here for a purpose!! 
Thank Lord God!!!




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